At Collective Dance we believe dance knows no boundaries. It does not discriminate. It inspires, grows and flourishes by touching as many people as it can. It promotes happiness, tells stories, teaches valuable lessons and touches our hearts. 

Teaching dance gives one a unique opportunity to influence the lives of those students who walk into the classroom. The primary responsibility is to develop physical skills such as coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, poise and grace. However, there is also the opportunity and challenge to do much more.

Here at Collective Dance Studio we provide high quality dance training in an exciting and encouraging environment for both the serious student as well as those who want to learn and have fun. Our faculty consists of teachers with the knowledge, experience and energy to encourage, nurture, inspire and educate children in the technique and discipline in many styles of dance.

The training we provide is based on the philosophy of learning the basics first. We strongly believe a solid foundation of impeccable technique serves as the springboard to fulfill artistic expression. Once students learn proper technique they will be able to do the cool tricks in dance. We’re truly delighted to be a part of so many young peoples’ lives. We strive to do an excellent job in training our students to give them the joy and happiness that dance has given each of us throughout our lives. Thank you for entrusting your child’s dance training to us.